Costas Tsicaderis and Penelope and Ulysses

In early 2004 Costas Tsicaderis wanted to meet up with me because he had heard from a friend of his about the play that I had written, Penelope and Ulysses. He wanted to see if he could supply some of his music for the play.

Costas read the draft of the play and was excited and moved by the themes, the content, the war and love within the struggle of our human condition that exists in the play.

He offered his music, "Nightflowers from My Minds Garden", but soon realised that Penelope and Ulysses needed to have music that embraced the atmosphere of the actual play, so he spent many afternoons discussing his interest and affection for the characters and even suggested that he wanted to play the older Ulysses.  

Unfortunately, Costas died from a heart attack in December, 2004, and he did not write the musical score for the play.  I have mentioned the interest and time he spent with me out of consideration and respect for him.

His enthusiasm and affection for Penelope and Ulysses was inspiring to me.

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