Neos Cosmos Review

Penelope and Ulysses

A journey into the deepest and most longing love between man and woman

3 October 2012 10:11am

A play about the longing love between Penelope and Ulysses has been written by author Zenovia.

The Melbourne based writer said the play Penelope and Ulysses is both historical and contemporary, concerning love and war, great personal solitude and self ownership.

“I wanted to discover two people who loved each other absolutely and did not grow grey, or depressed, or bored with each other over the passing years. Far from it, their love remained passionate and consuming for both struggled to find each other again. I wanted to show that love does exist here,” the author said.

Although the play has strong elements of love and sacrifice shared between man and woman, it also is existential, as both Penelope and Ulysses face the traps and dangers – the gains and losses – that arise from our human condition. Both must contend with identity and destiny.

The music of Mikis Theodorakis accompanies the live performance of this play (with permission from his family).