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Nietzsche's Journey

Zenovia is working at this time on Nietzsche's Journey and we look forward to the release of her insightful creativity into Nietzsche, the man and the artist.

Zenovia is also revising In the Shadow of The Barbarian for a reprint in the near future.

A collection of stories entitled The Letters I Have Not Sent is currently being collated in which Zenovia explores the theme of parental alienation.  The stories come from women who have suffered this loss.

Another major work in the pipelines is her research on her grandmother, Amalia.

We look forward to the publication of these works. All-in-all, it has been a most eventful month.

Most exciting and pleasing is watching Penelope and Ulysses make its way to the bookstores.

Read about Zenovia's upcoming book on Nietzsche here.



Nietzsche's Yellow Dancer, by Zenovia

Reviews and Support

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Penelope and Ulysses
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