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In the Shadow of the Barbarian

The first edition of In the Shadow of the Barbarian has stopped print and Zenovia is revising the whole work for a second publication of the work. A first copy of In the Shadow of the Barbarian can be found at the State Library of Victoria.

In The Shadow Of The Barbarian (104pps) looks into the savagery and indifference of the modern world. Presented as a series of 37 poems, it is a coherent and integrated work of great insight and imagination. It is the journey of a woman who travels through generations and cultures to discover the universal truth of human loss, the man-made plagues of poverty, neglect, greed, war and warlord, progress in the name of profit, gain, accumulation and destruction.

The woman without a nation is a "citizen of the world", an enlightened and evolved human being who feels a connection and unison with others that live and struggle in the human condition and on this beautiful and tragic planet. She reveals the tenderness and the longing of the human heart and the human heart does not have her name on it. It is the collective stream of an ethical and evolved conscience.

Through her silence and travelling we discover that from the beginning of time clever men organize others to fight for them, to rob, burn and kill for nation, for god, for keeping control and oppression of anyone who does not agree with the civilized and organized warlords of war.
They make their own laws and traps for all that reject the way of might and the brute; they change day into night and night into oblivion. In this oblivion generations are caught like fish, like wild creatures that will suffer humiliation, homelessness, torture, murder and the organized disappearances of their loved ones, their world and the millions of generations that will never come again.

The first part of the journey is that of a young woman who sees, feels and hears the destruction in the world over many centuries of the races of people that have been methodically and conveniently murdered, stolen, burned or scattered for the accumulation of land, profit and the taught belief that some races can be killed because their value and worth is less than that of an insect.

Human potential cannot grow in the shadow of fear, hate, ignorance and racial superiority. Human value and human rights cannot exist in the shadow of the barbarian.

How does a man die?

He dies the same way he has lived either as a flickering shadow, a whimpering echo, or a brilliant star that upon its extinction gives off the greatest light to the rest of the universe.

A man dies as he has lived -- with either fear or courage.

In the Shadow of The Barbarian was born from my blood as I am a concerned participant in this moment, in this world, and I feel the disturbance in the world.

I write because the loss of millions of children, women and men will not let me sleep or forget; it is a statement from a pacifist who is caught in a world that has gone mad with either pain or indifference. 

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