Penelope & Ulysses

Penelope & Ulysses

Penelope and Ulysses: A Journey into the Deepest and Most Longing Love between Man and Woman

The love of Penelope and Ulysses is undying.

Penelope and Ulysses explores the historical and yet contemporary journey into the life and struggles of Penelope, a woman who refuses to be dispirited or defeated. Hers is a strange, complex, and multifaceted world. Her life, surrounded by war, is inextricably shaped by the decisions that men have made for her.

Even so, Penelope refuses to be a spectator—a pawn in men’s schemes. She rides the waves of turbulence and danger, surviving on her wit, guile, and pure intelligence. She skilfully weaves her seductive plots to ultimately control the men who would control her. All the while, she schemes, always working toward her escape and eventual freedom.

Penelope is well-read in the philosophies of her world, well trained in battle, and keeps her own counsel. From a life of solitude, she explores the most turbulent adventure of all—the quest for self-actualization, the ownership of her self.

We are also looking for an artistic family to get Penelope and Ulysses staged. Any local theatre group that are interested in being part of such a stage production, please send us an email.

The book can be purchased at reputable online stores, including Balboa Press and Barnes and Noble.

It has taken a long time for this event to come into reality but it has been worth the effort.

The play, which tells the story of Ulysses’ wife, Penelope, is also currently being turned into a movie script and we hope that it finds its home.

David Myles, a Melbourne-based director with international experience, has shown keen interest in directing Zenovia's Penelope and Ulysses.  “It is with great pleasure that I have agreed to direct the forthcoming production of Penelope and Ulysses, and I look forward to participating in a unique theatrical event.  Zenovia has written an extraordinary script,” he said.

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